Immutability and Thread Safety

it depends on what the definition of "is" is

Russ Bishop
April 17, 2014

When I talk about immutable collections and immutable objects being thread-safe, what do I really mean by that?

Part of what makes traditional multithreaded programming so difficult is that you never have truly accurate information about the state of things. If you ask a list "are you empty?" and the list says . . .

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Why I Love UIKit

simple but easy

Russ Bishop
April 06, 2014

I don't want my ranting and complaining to give the impression that I dislike UIKit; quite the opposite in fact.

Here's a simple piece of code I just wrote:

 self.brightnessLabel = [[UILabel alloc] initWithFrame:CGRectMake(0, 0, self.view.bounds.size.width, self.view.bounds.size.height)];
 self.brightnessLabel. . . .

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UIDatePicker: how I hate you

no, seriously

Russ Bishop
April 06, 2014

Oh UIDatePicker how I hate thee.

While working on Storm Sim for iOS 7 I ran into a problem on the Sleep Timer screen. There, I am using a UIDatePicker in countdown timer mode. This is what it looked like (I had already given up on trying to get a dark background for that screen; the UIDatePicker won't let you change text color.)

. . .

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Don't Run You Own Servers

Let me disagree with Marco Arment

Russ Bishop
April 05, 2014

Marco was getting into it with Oliver Haslam over server hosting, and see this post by Brent Simmons. Marco extolled the virtues of running your own VPS or Virtual Private Server. He suggested that you learn Linux administration and port forwarding; that you learn how to setup mysql log shipping and read-only replicas.

Thanks, but no . . .

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Apple and C#?

when i wish upon a star

Russ Bishop
April 02, 2014

I was listening to Debug #32: John Siracusa on Copland 2010 in which the subject of Apple needing a next-generation language was discussed.

The elephant in the room seems to be why not take advantage of C#? Guy and John both seemed to dismiss it out of hand, but it hits all the requirements:

  1. It's an ECMA standard, . . .

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Seriously Apple?

Try opening this file with Keynote 09

Russ Bishop
April 01, 2014

I understand you updated your apps; that's totally cool.

What isn't cool is giving me a message that my presentation is too old and to try opening it with Keynote 09. Which I no longer have.

Would it have killed you to take that conversion code, package it up, and embed it in the new Keynote? You know, like a sane . . .

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tl;dr: it doesn't work

Russ Bishop
March 29, 2014

A quick heads up: apparently UIScreen.wantsSoftwareDimming doesn't work on iOS 7, the iPhone 5S, or both. I was unable to detect a difference in the brightness levels no matter what that setting was at; previously you had to set that flag then adjust the brightness to make it take effect. (I've always felt that LCD brightness levels . . .

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